May the 4th be with you.

Today I want to tell my favorite star wars story.light saber tag

May 16th 2002.. The release of Star Wars II The Attack of the Clones.

My friends and I headed up to Kansas City to stand outside and enjoy the Comic Con like environment of waiting to see the newest release of the Star Wars Saga. We had always wanted to join in the festivities of the crazy fans that will stand in line all day to see a Star Wars movie. We chose the best theatre for the job which was an AMC in Olathe Kansas.

One of the guys in the group had a farm in Ottawa Kansas which is forty-five mile south of Olathe. That night we came up with one of the greatest games I have ever played.

Step one

Take as many semi-adult individuals you can find to your local retail store and buy toy light sabers.

Step Two

Find and open fields, preferable mowed and with the least amount of things to trip on.

Step Three

Wait for the Sun to go away.

Step four

Mix hide and go seek, with light saber fights to determine who is actually tagged.

Yes this is as amazing as it sounds.

Running around in the dark you could see epic battles between to two light sabers in the distance.

You could then make a choice of getting a better hiding position or heading as fast as you could to challenge the victor.

One could make the mistake of walking toward and ongoing battle between two opponents with ones light saber drawn and lit. This could lead to another opponent waiting pounce.
There may even be two or three fights going on simultaneously.

This seemingly simple game still brings a smile to my face more than ten years later. That is the magic of Star Wars. I know there is plenty to of reasons to begrudge the movies, but this memory reminds me of the power of great imagination, and the power of play.


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